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Temporal and Spatial Information Extraction is the elicitation of accurate data on the placement of events and objects in space and time from a discourse. Temporal information specifies both tense and aspect of actions, both explicitly given by text and implicit from world knowledge. Spatial expressions describe location and orientation information, and this reading group is focused on the geographical subset of such information.

Formal annotations for temporal and spatial information have been developed, including TimeML (which has a strong Sheffield background) and SpatialML, developed at MITRE. Fully annotated corpora for both TimeML and SpatialML remain thin on the ground - key contirbutions being Timebank from Brandeis, and ASC (ACE SpatialML Corpus) available from Pennsylvania's LDC (reference LDC2008T0313).

Being able to identify and annotate times and places throughout discourse enables us to build a richer representation of the knowledge present in text. Once such data has been made accessible, we can at the least build visualisation and verification tools; question answering of when, how often, how long, how far, and where questions will become easier and yield more accurate results; richer machine translation can be performed given a syntax and language independent notation for places and events; and overall, a more complete knowledge representation can be build of any discourse.

The Temporal and Spatial Information Extraction group tracks recent publications, concentrating on those aspects of Temporal and Spatial Information Extraction required for projects in the department.


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3rd November 2009, 14.00


Leon Derczynski


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